April: 8 Project Grants, 8 Big Smiles / by Ben Sloan

Check out that cool looking crew of People's Liberty Project Grant winners! April 29th marks the beginning of some amazing projects in Greater Cincinnati. The day was filled with information sessions, website development, coffee, bagels, new pens, and a lot of momentum. Each grantee was paired with a team to help begin the design process for each project, some guidance on next steps, and development of a pitch deck to share. 

I would like to give a special thank you to Renee Kohl, Autumn Heisler, and David Vissman, for the design, advice, and good vibes.

Please take some time to investigate the wide ranging, and incredible projects that are now set in motion: 

Caravan Traveling Sound - Rachelle Caplan

Who 'They' Is - Jasmine Humphries 

Brick Gardens - Domonique Peebles

Your Productions - Rob Wilson

Amazing Urban Adventures - Larry Malott

Access Cincinnati - Kathleen Cail + Nestor Melnyk

It's Just Science - Aaron Greene